With so many types of quality hay to choose from, you may be wondering, “Which hay is best for my horse?” Hay is the foundation of the horse’s diet, providing up to 90% of its nutritional requirements. Different types of hay contain different levels of protein and other crucial nutrients that affect health and performance. Feeding a high-quality hay can have many benefits, such as putting weight on hard-keepers, significantly improving Body Condition Index (BCI), and reducing your overall feed costs when fed in conjunction with a balanced equine food.

Hay varieties include:

Timothy Hay
Kentucky Timothy
Canadian Timothy
Nevada Timothy
Colorado Timothy

Alfalfa Hay
Pure Alfalfa
Timothy/Alfalfa Mix
Colorado Orchard/Alfalfa
Alfalfa Mix
Western Alfalfa

Grass Hay
Kentucky Fescue
Orchard Grass
Orchard Grass/Fescue
Colorado Orchard/Alfalfa
Western Orchard Grass
Coastal Bermuda

Determining the best type of hay for your horse should start by talking with a hay expert


Cherokee Feed & Seed is a local resource for hay and many other horse and livestock needs. With three stores to serve you in Cherokee County, Forsyth County, and Fulton County, they carry the top brands of horse feeds, horse health products, tack, stall shavings (bag or bulk truck delivery), and high-quality hay to keep your horses healthy and in top condition.

Cherokee Feed & Seed’s knowledgeable, friendly staff can develop a custom feeding program to meet the nutritional needs of your horse based on factors such as age, discipline, level of work, and equine breed. And, you can go by any of their locations to have feed, hay and bag shavings courteously loaded into your vehicle/trailer, or have them delivered and neatly stacked in your barn.  tractor-trailer-horse-quality-hay-cherokee-feed-and-seed-ball-ground-ga

Cherokee Feed & Seed carries many types of hay and can educate you on which type of hay is best for your horse. Hay is available in square bales or round bales and can be loaded for you at the store. Hay can also be delivered to your farm in boxed truck, flatbed or by the tractor-trailer load.

Horse feeds they carry include:

  • Buckeye Nutrition
  • Cavalor Horse Feed
  • Crypto Aero
  • Legends Horse Feed
  • Manna Pro Horse Supplements
  • Nutrena Horse Feed
  • Purina Horse Feed
  • Seminole Feed
  • Seminole Wellness Horse Feed
  • Southern States
  • Triple Crown Nutrition

 If you have any questions about hay, horse feed, horse health, and farm maintenance topics, Cherokee Feed and Seed Owner Alan Jessie is the perfect person to talk to. You can reach him by calling the Ball Ground store at 770-887-0440 or by email at Alan is also available to schedule barn calls at your farms! Pretty awesome!

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What’s The Best Hay For Your Horse?
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