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Since we are on the subject of Art Staging Tips To Sell Your Home Faster we thought it would be fun to dream a little bit about creating an art studio or craft room at home. After all, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, creating art can be fun and relaxing too! So, we surfed the web for some examples of art spaces and studios that were creative, impressive and architecturally beautiful. What we found, were all that and inspiring too!

On the DIY Network website we found a great slideshow “Creative Spaces: Craft Rooms, Art Studios and Workshops” featuring the craft rooms and workshops of some of DIY’s biggest stars. Be prepared – you are going to be amazed!

We also found a great article on Architecture Designs’ website called 40 Artistic Home Studio Designs: Here to Inspire You. It includes tons of pictures of unique places where any artist or art hobbyist can put up their “do not disturb sign” to create and relax.

Of course Houzz is always a go to website for design ideas, and they have a huge cache of beautiful studio spaces too. But, take our word for it, looking at all of them will take a considerable amount of time so you might want to do it with a lovely glass of wine. We found a Pinot Noir lends itself to interior design “binging.” Food and Wine online has some great recommendations in their article “30 Top Pinot Noirs

Much like Alice through the looking glass, searching for design ideas online to inspire creating your own art studio at home may at some point feel like a tumble down a rabbit hole. Our advice is to look for a while to get your creative juices flowing and then, let your own imagination flow. With some ideas in mind, look around your home for a room or nook that you can claim for your own. If you can’t find any space inside your home, don’t give up. The property your house sits on has many possibilities too. Today, artists are converting sheds and building tiny houses adjacent to their homes to give them another ideal space to create an art studio or craft room. They provide more privacy and a general oasis from everyday living that can distract your artistic flow.

Wherever you do decide to design your own art space, studio or craft room the most important thing to remember is that it is your space to design and create.

Here are a few more artist studios and craft room resources to get you started. Have fun!

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Are you ready to create an art studio at home?
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