Lazy Real Estate Agent

The answer, unfortunately, is sometimes “yes!”  Why?  Because the majority of today’s home buyers do most of the work that agents were responsible for before everyone had access to the online MLS.  Today, most buyers get pre-qualified for a mortgage before they even begin to look. Then they spend endless hours researching potential homes that meet their needs, budget, and lifestyles.  And, when they’ve narrowed it down, they finally give an agent a call. The good news for agents is that this means significantly less time researching and showing properties to potential buyers who aren’t sure what they want, or what they can afford.  But that can lend itself to complacency, and if you’re trying to sell your house, the last thing you need is a lazy agent sitting by the phone waiting for a call!   

Selling your home for the best price, as quickly as possible, requires much more than an online MLS, it requires an agent who is eager, proactive, and knows how to create and implement an integrated marketing plan. And, the plan should be focused and implemented based on the following multi-phased approach.  

Phase 1 – Take time to assess
Your agent’s marketing plan should begin with a detailed assessment of your local market, your property, and competitive properties to discover the unique value of your property. By understanding what is appealing to prospective buyers, identifying any potential obstacles, and gathering important market data and trends, this information will help him to shape your property’s distinct value…BEFORE it is ready to list.

Phase 2 – Develop a property story that excites
The next step in marketing your home should be focused on developing a compelling story about your property, to bring it to life. This includes acquiring powerful images for listings, slideshows, virtual tours, and advertising that will get your potential buyer excited.  Things like your home’s construction, exterior and interior layout and design, neighborhood amenities, local schools, lifestyle options, and more are the key things buyers want to know about. They will also want to see that your house is priced right!

Phase 3 – Create and launch a marketing plan that delivers
With the groundwork set, your agent should now be focused on creating and launching your home’s fully integrated marketing plan. It should include online marketing, social marketing, mobile marketing, multi-channel advertising and branding, local buyer’s agent marketing, and referral network marketing.  Things like website listing syndication, single property websites, video listing syndication, local mobile apps, and text marketing are a definite must.  Your home should also be featured in print, digital and online advertising, and listed in all major Multiple Listing Services. In the state of Georgia that includes FMLS and Georgia MLS. Open houses should be scheduled in advance in order to market to the public effectively.  And agent caravans should be invited so they can see in advance if your home meets any of their clients’ needs.  

If your real estate agent is a member of a national or international real estate company, like The Milton Team is under BHHS Georgia Properties, they should be sure to leverage all professional networks and associations locally, nationally, and abroad.  

The bottom line is that a listing agent should be highly knowledgeable and skilled at real estate marketing.  They must be willing to invest their time, and their own money, because they are confident they can sell your home.  And you, as a seller, shouldn’t hesitate to ask how an agent will market your property before you give them your listing.  The last thing you need is a lazy agent sitting by the phone just hoping that your MLS listing will send him a call.

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Have real estate agents gotten lazy thanks to online MLS?
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