Art staging to sell your home fasterWhen it comes to enticing potential buyers to consider your home for their own, there are many ways to create the optimal environment. Thoughtful art staging throughout your home is one way that should not be overlooked.

Art staging is designed to market your home. Unlike art collecting which is primarily based on personal taste, art staging is designed to complement your home’s design and décor, in a way that is subtle, tasteful and acceptable to a wide variety of tastes. Done well, it can create feeling of warmth and excitement that can motivate a potential buyer to buy.

If you’re purchasing or renting art for staging, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are our top 8 things to consider when staging art to sell your home.

  1. Use color themes that can work throughout your home. Great art staging should create a consistent feeling (calm, excitement, happy, etc.) as the buyer tours your home.
  2. Use conceptual themes that don’t compete with each other. If your décor is modern, stick with it. If your décor is more traditional, don’t add art that conflicts.
  3. Incorporate sizes and shapes that work well with nearby furniture. Mixing shapes and sizes is great but it must feel purposeful and tasteful.
  4. Start by adding a large piece of art on the most visible wall as a statement piece. Next, add art to the other walls that complement your larger piece.
  5. Don’t cover every empty wall or space with art. Too much art can create a feeling of chaos or clutter. In many cases, less can be more!
  6. If there is no specific style to your home or furnishings, default to abstract florals or abstract landscapes. Both can blend naturally with any décor and do not distract.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use photography prints for art staging but don’t use it throughout your house. Black and white has a strong appeal. Just keep in mind you are selling a home not a photography studio!
  8. Mixing and matching frame styles, shapes and sizes are perfectly acceptable to create interest. Make sure your choices looks thoughtful vs. a mish mash of random art.

Most importantly, once your home has been optimally staged with well-chosen art – open up all your blinds and pull back any curtains. Natures own light can be the greatest art of all.

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Staging Art Effectively To Sell Your Home Faster
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