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 “We’re excited to not only be giving the residents of the City of Milton a beautiful, welcoming and functional City Hall complex – we’re doing it without adding to their tax bills,” – Mayor Joe Lockwood

Having a new City Hall is always a welcome addition to any city in the U.S. but, having one that will not place a burden on local taxpayers is a bonus!  Set to open in April 2017, funding for the new addition came from proper planning and a commitment to being judicious with the City of Milton’s yearly fund balance.

Located at the intersection of Branyan Trail & Lecoma Trace in downtown Crabapple, the new City Hall complex will include offices, council chambers, meeting areas for residents, and a town green for expansion of special events in Crabapple.  A site plan and map are located on the City of Milton’s website showing the full plans for the property and building.

The current City Hall located at 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107, off Windward Parkway and Webb Road is currently leased, and as Mayor Lockwood says, is not the best use of taxpayers dollars.

“City funds will no longer be used to lease property taxpayers do not own – an important step to ensuring the most value for resident dollars,” says Mayor Lockwood

The Milton Brayer Real Estate office and the Milton Team are very excited about the new facility and location.  It will provide a first class government and events facility in a city that is known for its outstanding quality of life and is quickly becoming one of the hottest real estate markets in Metro Atlanta.

Have you seen the time lapse video of construction underway for the Milton City Hall Complex ? (April 2016)  


Milton, GA To Have Impressive New City Hall
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